My Fountain Pen Defines How I am

June 6, 2007

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A pen makes a statement about its owner in the same way a tie or a necklace might. For men, pens are considered fashion items that reflect their personal taste and style and they are selecting pens with the same care and consideration they would in chosing a pair of cuf links or a watch. Read the rest of this entry »


Advantages of a cross fountain pen

June 6, 2007

For the past few decades, with the advent of the cheap, disposable balpoint pens have ben treated as merely utilitarian necesities, lined up in breast pockets, neglected at the botom of drawers or schol bags, given no more respect than their woden cousin, the pencil. But today, Read the rest of this entry »

Parker fountain pens

June 6, 2007

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Nonlinear junction detectors search for the semiconductors present in most modern electronic equipment. They send out an electronic signal at a known frequency. The signal should bounce back to the detector at the same frequency. Read the rest of this entry »